Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Plan Your Trip to Australia around These 5 Festivals

If you thought Australia was all about surfing, kangaroos, beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, well then think again! Australia is a great country and it definitely knows how to party and throw a grand celebration. Every year countless events and festivals take place, giving a busy calendar to locals as well as the visitors.
Multiple events such as Tropfest, the AFL Grand Final and the Perth International Arts Festival take place and are worth a visit. So if you are planning to visit the country, apply for your online Australia visa around these events. Here are top five festivals that should not be missed:

1.       TROPFEST- Founded in 1993, Tropfest is the largest festival of short film festival in the world. The festival attracts more than 70,000 spectators with thousands more watching live broadcasts. The festival takes place in Sydney at Parramatta Park and includes the screening of 16 finalists. The event also includes red carpet arrival and an award ceremony along with celebrity judges.

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2.       MELBOURNE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL- This delicious festival which is 10 days long takes place in the month of March every year. The gourmet event witnesses Victoria`s world class wine and food industry as well as 300 events where foodies can sample dishes prepared by the celebrity chefs, indulge in regional long lunches, attend masterclasses and binge on multiple cuisines.

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3.       PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL- One of country`s longest running international arts festival, the even made its way in the year 1953. The festival lures around more than 500,000 people annually. The festival runs from February to March, encompassing street arts, visual arts, classical and contemporary music, theatre, and dance and family events across a variety of venues. You can apply for your online Australia visa in February if you are an art lover to attend this festival.
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4.       DARWIN FESTIVAL- Emerging from the aftermath of the Cyclone Tracy in 1974, the Darwin Festival was started in 1979 to celebrate its resurgence. The festival continues for 18 days and nights in the month of August and features dance, music, theatrical performances, cabaret, comedy, workshops, visual arts and films.

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5.       WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL- The most celebrated folk music festival of Australia is the Woodford Folk Festival which draws more than 2000 national, local and international performances each year. The festival takes place for six days across the New Year`s, with a fire event on New Year`s Day. The event represents the diverse culture of Australia and therefore features more than 420 events that include writers, street theatre, sabbaticals, concerts, debates, medicines, crafts workshops and parades.

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Experience the real Aussie culture by attending one of the above mentioned events. You can plan out your entire trip according to the festival you would like to attend. To apply for online Australia visa, visit our website australiae-visa.com.

Monday, 30 July 2018

5 Off-The-Beaten Places in Australia That You Must Visit

Being the most travelled country, it is a known fact that Australia is everyone`s dream destination. While the places that are already famous and popular lure most of the visitors, there are other magnificent destinations too.  Hidden away from the rest of the world, these gems offer spectacular sites, alluring landscapes and breathtaking experiences.
People who want to experience every nook and corner of the Australian continent should definitely head to any of these places as they are less travelled, less crowded and offer a complete unforgettable experience. So apply for an online Australia ETA and start planning for the most remarkable journey as we list out the destinations that you must visit once in this lifetime:

TASMANIA- The river cruises in Tasmania provides an unusual experience along the Donaldson River. Travelling parallel to the Savage River Inlet, it offers exposure to the rainforest. The SS Croydon shipwreck and lover`s fall can be spotted from most crafts. Relaxing, rejuvenating and slow-paced, the journey provides some of the most authentic, enriched with history and less-travelled journey experience.

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UNDARA VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK- The volcanic national park in Queensland is situated in the heart of the Gulf Savannah country. The pre-historic lava tubes are enthralling and are sight to behold. Geological marvels and volcanic trails are available to the adventurous following a short train, car, plane or Coach ride from Cairns. This volcanic park is a must visit, thus apply for online Australia ETA.

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ANDAMOOKA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA- Located in the North of Adelaide at the distance of 600km approximately, Andamooka is a colorful mining town adorned with underground homes and dugouts. The town produces dazzling opals and reflects the true character of the town. The visitors can noodle for their own opals or can possibly purchase the gems from the miners. 

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GUNLOM FALLA, NORTHERN TERRITORY- Gunlom falls provides a mystical experience with its panoramic view. A steep and slightly treacherous trail offers idyllic views of this beautiful lake. One can spot many local birds, rocky pools and the southern hills and ridges.

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MILK BEACH- A hidden oasis, Milk Beach is one of the hidden gems of Australia. It is situated at the foot of Sydney`s Hermit Bay and easily accessible by the public transport as the parking options are limited. The beach is an ideal place to fish, snorkel and picnic.

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The above mentioned places are less travelled but offer a unique experience as compared to regular cafes and commercial beaches. These places are absolutely gorgeous and involve minimum risks. So pack your bags and apply for onlineAustralia ETA now!

Friday, 27 July 2018

5 Best Outback Experiences In Australia That Will Leave You Spellbound

Australia is a vast country, and apart from its glittering metropolitan cities and stunning iconic landmarks, it offers various outback experiences. The nation covers almost eight million square kilometers which gives every tourist an amazing opportunity to experience adventure.
From the red dust of Uluru to gold mines of Kalgoorlie, the Land Down Under is a bundle of incredible experience. If you are planning to take your family on a vacation, then apply for online Australia visa because the country has gorgeous countryside to discover. Check out the top 5 sites here:
1.       Field of Light Glow- The vast desert landscapes surrounding Uluru is magnificent enough to cast a spell on your senses, but the 50,000 frosted glass spheres that surround the giant rock make it absolutely spectacular. The lights were installed by the British artist Bruce Munro in 2016, and the setting will remain in place till 2020, making it compulsory for everyone who visits Uluru after dark.

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2.       A Walk Through Broken Hill- The country doesn’t have many outback landmarks or signature icons that are as famous as the frontier mining town in western New South Wales. To witness the heritage architecture, you will have to follow Broken Hill Heritage Walk. There are plenty of majestic Living Desert Sculptures that are located little outside of the town.

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3.       Drive across the Gibb River Road- The Great Ocean Road might be Australia`s infamous road trip, but for those who love challenges will find Gibb more interesting. The 600 km journey includes plateaus, gorges; outback stations and waterfalls making this rugged terrain that make this journey unsuitable for the faint-hearted.

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4.       Try ‘the staircase to the moon’ – If you will keep driving to the coast, it is most likely that you will encounter Broome, which is one of the most attractive outback destinations in Australia. What makes this place more beautiful is the camel ride at the Cable Beach during the sunset which provides panoramic views of the nature. The highlight of the place is the ’staircase of the moon’ where the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay are exposed due to moonlight for couple of days. This makes for a mesmerizing view, which should not be missed at any cost. So apply for online Australia visa between March and October.

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5.       Take a plunge at Ormiston Gorge- This outback is not only amazing covered with red dust and open road, but the place also has a string swimming holes trickling around Central Australia. The Ormiston Gorge which is located within the West MacDonnell Ranges is the most photogenic gorge. Outlined by the sandy verges and giant red stone walls, the gorge is immensely spellbinding.

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Visiting these places can be fun and frolic for your family vacations. Along with having a taste of modernization, do travel to these places to explore the natural beauty of the country. So apply for online Australia visa in time to avoid last minute hassles. Also to get a visa at discounted price, you can visit www.australiae-visa.com.  

Thursday, 26 July 2018

5 Amazing Adventures Under $30 To Do In Sydney, Australia

We all want to travel, but the matter of fact is only few of us manage to travel to the place. The reason behind our unsuccessful travel endeavors is nothing but the shortage of funds. And those who have a dream to explore Sydney with a limited budget let us tell you about few adventures that will be economical on your pocket and memorable for your holiday experience.
But first let us face the truth that Sydney is an expensive city of Australia and if you are having nightmare ever since you have come across this fact, then don`t sweat yourself out. There are many places and things to do in Australia that will give you once-in-a-lifetime experience that too without breaking banks.
1.       Visa- To begin with, you will have to apply for online Australia visa, if you are planning to go to the Land Down Under. You can apply for the visa at australiae-visa.com at discounted rate. Without having to stand in the queue and visiting consulate and embassy, you will receive your visa right into your inbox. Sounds easy, right? Apply for it now!
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2.       Explore the beaches- After landing down in Australia; you can start your day with swimming at one of the most popular beaches of the country. You can go to Bondi beach and spend couple of hours at the sun-kissed sand and azure waters of the infamous attraction. If you budget allows you, you can also swim at one of the most Instagram-famous Bondi Icebergs.

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3.       Ride the rollercoasters at Luna Park- Not all the good things come for free! This stands true for the fun frolic Luna Park. Located on the side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Luna Park can give you unlimited rides from Friday to Saturday after 6 pm and only in $30.

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4.       Visit the Royal National Park- After enjoying the thrilling rides of amusement park, not it is time to move to a national one, that will cost you only $12 per vehicle per day to explore approximately 150 square kilometers of sparkling coastal bushland. You can either stroll 26 km of rugged coastline or surf at Garie Beach or take a plunge into the freshwater swimming holes like Karloo Pool and Deer Pool or watch migrating Whales. Whatever catches your fancy; there are various adventure activities to get indulged into at Royal National Park.

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5.       Paddle to Shark Island- Breathe easy, as the Shark Island is completely safe for kayaking. The island got its name from its shark-like shape and not from the presence of Jaws in its vicinity. The place is not only an ideal location for great paddling but it is also a perfect spot for a picnic on the lush grass. Grab your kayak boat at 25$ per hour and explore the waters of Shark Island.

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Get swath by the spellbinding charm of Australia under your budget. Apply for online Australia visa from our website australiae-visa.com, today!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Top 5 Australian Cities That Are Ideal For Business Opportunities

For people who are looking for career or business prospects in Australia, it is a hub for millions of business opportunities and career prospects. People from faraway places, countries, continents and islands are migrating to Australia to enhance or use their professional skills more efficiently.
If you too have Australia on your mind, then let us tell you about the cities that are apt for employment. But first make sure you have applied for your Australia online businessvisa, so that you choose the place according to your requirements and can travel hassle-free.
CANBERRA- Many people are living with a misconception that being the largest city in Australia, Sydney is the capital of this country. The truth be spoken, Canberra is the capital city of Australia. Located in the Australian Capital Territory, it is one of the smallest cities with small population. As it is the home of parliament, many visitors and workers throng this place to find suitable opportunities for themselves in private sector.

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HOBART- If you want to work in a slow-paced atmosphere where you can earn as well as enjoy the serendipity of the daily life, Hobart is the right place for you. Far from the hustle-bustle of the busy cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Hobart lets you move at your own chosen pace. It is also a home to many families’ suburbs and interesting art scene. Protected from the global fluctuations of the international market, you can find some good employment prospects if you have a valid Australia online business visa.

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BRISBANE- The third largest city of Australia, it attracts thousands of migrants. One of the many other reasons why Brisbane is popular among the natives is its warmer temperature than Sydney and Melbourne. Being a major urban hub, it surprisingly offers a more relaxed, easygoing and lively atmosphere. If you are looking to expand your business in the tourism, hospitality, health and manufacturing industries, this is the right place for you.

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MELBOURNE- Australia`s second largest city, Melbourne has the legitimate claims to the country`s sporting and cultural capital. The city`s four million residents love to get immersed in both the sports and arts.  Melbourne is also home to Australia`s most amazing dining experience and night life.  You can experience four different seasons here is perfect for those who are seeking work in automotive industry, aviation, nursing, building and construction, financial services , education, engineering and information and communications technology.

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ADELAIDE - Look beyond the Perth and Opera House. When in dilemma, where to settle down and find a lucrative business proposition, people will surely advice you for ADELAIDE. The Adelaide manages to strike a perfect balance between the charms of the country living and the humdrum of city life.
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These cities may not be the mecca of business opportunities and career prospects but nothing can stop you from getting your dream career opportunity if you have skills and professional experience or a unique idea that is creative. So apply for your Australia onlinebusiness visa easily with us at australiae-visa.com.

Monday, 23 July 2018

4 Things To Do In Gold Coast That Will Make Your Vacation Truly Exotic

The Gold Coast is a metropolitan city which is known for its sandy beaches, water sports and well planned system of inland canals and waterways. Situated in the region of south of Brisbane, it is famous for its theme parks that are epic and its surrounding areas have plenty of activities for the while family.
So if you are planning to take your family for special vacation, head to Gold Coast in Australia, as it has rapidly becoming the hottest destination for the travelers from all around the globe. If you want to get indulged in water sports or activities, you can find plenty of them. From scuba diving to surfing, you can enjoy water sports to your heart`s content.
Thus, the first thing you should do after applying for your onlineAustralia ETA is to check out our list of activities that one must do when travelling to Gold Coast in Australia:

1.       Go Surfing- if you haven’t tried this amazing water sport yet, then it`s time! An excellent place to enjoy surfing, you must hone your skills if you are travelling to Gold Coast. There is an array of surfing centers located in and around the city out of which you can pick your favorite. If you are completely amateur but still want to ride the waves, don`t worry! A professional will accompany and will also instruct you on how to counter the massive waves.

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2.       Experience the Nature- For those who love wildlife and nature and are in a dire need to spend a family retreat must head straight to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also take part in playful activities such as rope climbing. Get close with elusive species like Kangaroos and Koalas.

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3.       Go Cycling & Stay Fit- Gold Coast Ocean Way is a haven for those who love cycling. Going for cycling that starts from the Point Danger Lighthouse and ends at Gold Coast seaway is the best way to keep fit while you are holidaying. An excellent way to rejuvenate your mind and to burn those extra calories that you might have gained from Aussie food. Before booking tickets and making reservations, do apply for your onlineAustralia ETA to fail proof your entire trip.

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4.       Whale Watching at Gold Coast- Whale watching is another activity that is the most popular amongst the tourists. You can watch these amazing creatures performing fabulous theatrics including flips and jumps. You can enjoy their epic performance for around two and a half hour.

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If you are looking for an interesting vacation that involves everything from chilling to adventure, then don`t waste any more time because Gold Coast is the perfect place for holidays. Fill your visa application form to receive your online Australia ETA on time. If you haven`t done it yet, you can visit to our website australiae-visa.com and submit the application form, easily!

Friday, 20 July 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit Perth, Australia

Perth, the capital of Western Australia that perched upon the place where the Swan River meets the Southwest coast is a land of sandy beaches, Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza and the huge riverside Kings Park. It is approximately 3,300 km far from Sydney, which makes it as far from Sydney as London is from Cairo. So why should you bother to travel all the way from Sydney to Perth? Start with these four reasons if you have applied for online Australia ETA and looking to expand your travel itinerary:
Swim at the world-class beaches
From Fremantle in the South to Hillarys in the North, Perth is blessed with an extended snow-white send, stretched infinitely with its array of chic restaurants and cafes, green picnic areas, towering pine trees and picturesque Indiana teahouse. And don`t get us started on the sunsets with spectacular views that will leave you speechless.

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Perfect Weather
Sure, the definition of perfect weather can be pretty subjective and varies, but can you really argue when the average maximum temperature is 18 degrees in the middle of the winter? We sure can`t! With mild summers combined with winters when give you nine hours of sunshine a day, you can expect nothing but the most pleasant experience to explore a city like Perth and a climate to die for.

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Cruise the Swan River
How about discovering famous landmarks from the comfort of the cruise? Well, experience the splendor of the Perth by getting yourself aboard on a cruise and sail along the river between inner-city Perth and the port city of Fremantle. You will come across modern glass Bell Tower, the Kings Park and the busy Fremantle Harbor.

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To Meet a Quokka
Meet the animal so adorable that you will feel your heart melting away on having encounter with it. The Quokka is a cute, little furry marsupial which looks like a smiling Kangaroo but only smaller in size. They are quite popular amongst the tourists as they humble the visitors with a selfie. They are found only in few places around the Western Australia. The best place to find them and click a selfie is the Rottnest Island which is home to more than 10,000 population of Quokka. So don`t miss out on this wonderful experience and apply for your online Australia ETA beforehand. It will not only save you from last minute cancellations but will also save your time and money.

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Perth is a city that will never disappoint you! With twinkling bars, crazy nightlife and rocking clubs, you can expect to have a sensational nightlife in Australia. So from beaches to bars, you can taste the diverse flavors of this Australian city. Book your online Australia ETA by visiting to our website australiae-visa.com if you haven`t applied for it yet.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

6 Exciting Things To Do On Hamilton Islands

Whitsundays is made up from 74 islands that are equally stunning and breathtaking. Out of the 74 islands, Hamilton Island is the one that something for everyone. From swimming to snorkeling to relaxing are par for the course, but there is a pop-up sunset bar, a golf-buggy to take you around and a house built by George Harrison.
If you want to have the island holidays of your dreams then here is a list of our favorite things that we are sure will become your favorite by the end of this article:
Discover amazing Turtles- Various distinct species of aquatic animal breathe on Hamilton Island including turtles. If you want to witness the aquatic life from up close and personal, pick a turtle discovery tour. The thrilling tour can give you a peek into the life of turtles, pristine seabed and corals. Also don`t forget to apply for onlineAustralia visa.

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Hike into the wild- No matter how many exciting activities you may find here, Hamilton Island is still a virgin rainforest, best explored on foot by taking a stroll across the crisscross pathways. If you want to enjoy a mesmerizing view of Whitsundays from the summit, head up to Passage Peak by beginning from Scenic trail.

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Win some goodies in a buggy treasure hunt- You can roam around the island in a golf buggy, but to spice things up, take part in a Buggy Rally. This interesting game requires you in a team of 2 to 4, to drive around the island obtaining the answers to a series of questions related to Hamilton Island. You can drop your answers off at the Sports Club by 6 pm and next day the prizes will be announced.

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Hire a Dinghy- If you are ready to splurge without thinking about your budget then you can also hire a dinghy as it is the best way to explore the most secluded parts of the Island at your own pace. You can go fishing or for swimming on Henning Island to experience the sea life. Sounds interesting? Apply for online Australia visa on time in order to go ahead with you planned trip.

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Parasail, Snorkel and Paddleboard- Get indulge in whatever water sports catch your fancy. From the curving bay of Catseye Beach, you can pursue an array of water sports that range from a guided snorkeling tour to parasailing. You can hire catamaran, kayak, jet-ski or paddleboard or any other sports gear that you want as Hamilton Island Beach Sports can rent you everything you need.

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Enjoy a day on your private island- Get yourself marooned on one of the 74 immaculate islands that are not inhabited. So hire a dinghy or a sailboat and head off to one of these national park islands with your picnic bag to spend a day on your own.

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Hamilton Island will guarantee you unforgettable time with gamut of activities and luxurious stays. Thus prepare your itinerary and apply for your online Australia visa now! For more details, log on to australiae-visa.com.

Monday, 16 July 2018

6 Perfect Star Gazing Spots In Australia

Nothing can beat the serene experience of looking at galaxies washed with stardust in a dark night, especially in a country like Australia. A beautiful continent that offers plenty of beautiful spaces, cities, food, architecture and culture can make anyone fall in love. But its best kept secret is amazing spots that are perfect for looking trillions of stars. If you are planning to go to this continent anytime soon, don`t forget to apply your OnlineAustralia ETA.

Star gazing is something for which people travel to different parts of the world. If you are going to Australia on your next trip, let us tell you few places where you can experience it the best way.

1.       EYRE PENINSULA- If you have always dreamt of gazing at stars over the coast, head to Eyre Peninsula. With sea and land stretched across beautifully under the night sky, you are guaranteed starry night skies.
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2.       KANGAROO ISLAND- A beautiful wildlife reserve, Kangaroo Island is a beautiful wildlife reserve located just off the mainland of South Australia.

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3.       WIRUNA- Although it is not an international Dark-sky Association-certified site, but since 1993, every year in the month of May, from professionals to amateurs, astronomers of all stripes gather here to celebrate the South Pacific Star Party. The area is considered as one of the premier sites in Australia for stargazing and the Astronomical Society of New South Wales provides accommodation.
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4.       ULURU (Ayers Rock)- Stargazing at Uluru is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. The stars appear more clearly when there is zero pollution. And its total lack of pollution means pristine night skies. This is a must visit place for any stargazing enthusiast and if you are one of them, apply for online Australia ETA in time. 

5.       FLINDERS RANGES- For the best chance to experience the shining constellations, head to the outback of Flinders Ranges region is perfect. High above the sea level, the range is free from any obstruction and you can get a clearer view of the dark sky.

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6.       SKYHIGH Mt. DANDENONG- If all you want to do is sit back and look up at the sky full of bright twinkling diamonds, then the Dandenong is the place where you want to be. Located on the uppermost range of the mountain, it displays the whole Melbourne city below and the night sky above. As the coast is stretched all the way to the Mornington Peninsula, it’s a perfect place to see the sun going down and the sky pulling over the dark blanket with stars spread across.

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If you love stargazing, you can avail this lifetime opportunity to travel to these places along with your friends. Camping at these sites can make your holiday even more special. Apply for your online Australia ETA and get your bookings done. Visit australiae-visa.com for more visa related details!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

4 Unexplored Places Near Melbourne That Are Perfect For Weekend Escapes

They say if you want to see places, be a tourist, but if you want to explore the sights that are incredibly beautiful and places that are unique because of their distinct culture, be a traveler. And we couldn’t agree more especially when it’s a country like Australia! Travelling is adventure. Adventure comes from discovering new places and unbeaten paths which involve great research and hours of web surfing.
But to save your time and broadband bill, we have combined all the unexplored places that are located near to Melbourne and are perfect if you want to slip for an escape. Melbourne is a phenomenon city with plethora of activities for tourists, but sometimes the great things lie on the roads less travelled. Thus apply for your online Australia ETA as we are going to reveal the majestic places:
1.       Mansfield- Looking for a year round destination? Mansfield is an ideal choice. Due to its location close to Mount Buller ski resort, you can try your hands on skiing and can also take a hike to the infamous Craig`s Hut as it is near to Mt. Stirling. Not only skiing but you can also try hiking, fly fishing for trout, horse riding and hang gliding that are other popular summer activities.

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2.       Bright- For adventure seekers, Bright is the right option! Located near both Mr. Buffalo National Park and the Australian Alps, Bright is a fantastic year-round destination that provides a wide range of outdoor activities. While Skiing is the obvious choice during winters, spring and summer provides various other options like hiking and biking options.

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3.       King Valley- This region which is located in Victoria`s north-east was once heavily influenced by Italian immigration. This wine region is famous for its Italian varieties. If you are looking for a nice Sangiovese, Prosecco, Chianti or Nebbiolo, you will be delighted to find all of them in King Valley. There are also various wineries that offer fresh and local produce along with leisurely lunch. Apply for your online Australia ETA in time to avoid any last minute rush.

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4.       Rutherglen- Make the most of the opportunity to explore the country that came under the spotlight by Australia`s most famous folk hero, the bushranger Ned Kelly. Rutherglen and Glenrowan are famous for its wineries. With around 20 award winning wineries, this region is known for its fortified wines like Tokay, Port and Muscat. There is also number of festivals that held here throughout the year. Explore the area on a bike. 

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Nothing is more enjoyable than discovering new places and stories that have made them popular. So visit these unexplored places that are located near Melbourne to add some beautiful memories to your holidays. If you want to know about visa application you can simply visit our website australiae-visa.com.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Rekindle Your Romance In Australia`s Most Romantic Places

What comes to your mind when you think about escaping to a wonderland with your partner on a romantic international vacation? A luxury villa or resort, candlelight gazebo, secluded forests, luxury camps by the shimmering lakes is all what comes to your mind? Well then no place other than Australia can give you a dream holiday.
Whether you are planning to surprise your partner or want to take her out to rekindle your romance, you apply for Online Australia ETA, because our list comprises of all the romantic places that you have always dreamt about:

1.       NOMADIKA PERTH- If camping is what ticks your senses, then choose your favorite spot and have your very own luxury tent set up. Nomadika redefines romance with spacious bell tents assembled throughout Western Australia. With a double bed, elegant floor rugs, cushioned lounge area and magical fairy lights, you can bid farewell to the passing year while sipping on wine.

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Where: Western Australia

2.       FOREST RISE CHALETS AND LODGE- Strolling through woodlands in the evening while sipping on a wine, lakeside pavilion and spotting kangaroo or two all this while keeping an eye on the beautiful sunset, how does it sound? Dreamy? But now you can take your partner tot his romantic paradise which encompasses luxury spa chalets and a 5-star lodge. Give your romance a new dimension within the secluded ambience of whistling woods. Apply for Online Australia ETA now!

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Where: 231 Yelverton Road

3.       CAPE LODGE- If the path to your partner`s heart goes through his stomach, then this place is a definitely good choice. One of the Margaret River`s award winning boutique hotels, the Cape Lodge is situated in the heart of wine country. Enjoy delicious and authentic restaurant`s menu of locally and seasonal produced cuisine matched with vintage wines right amidst the 40 acres of exquisitely manicured lawns and onsite cooking school.

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Where: 3341 Caves Road, Yallingup

4.       BERKELEY RIVER LODGE- A river lodge, where you can only reach through helicopter or river cruise, is definitely an ideal place to be if you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner.  Adorned with open-air showers and free standing bath tubs, it has ocean views that will leave you in awe with this luxury villa.

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Where- Kimberley Coast

  LA FORÊT ENCHANTÉE- Experience the true luxury in these 10 acres of waterfront forest. The award winning resort exudes elegance with fountains, terraces and décor. Get the taste of sumptuous gourmet cuisine, spa & music treatments to set the mood. Enjoy the sophisticated marble floor bathroom with cut glass chandeliers, gilded mirrors and French Daybeds.

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Where: Margaret River

Forge the bond by spending beautiful time together and make the most of the long vacation by flying to Australia with your partner. Apply for OnlineAustralia ETA by logging on to our website. For more details log on to australiae-visa.com!