Thursday, 1 March 2018

Australia: One Of The 3 Eco-Friendly Destinations You Must Visit In 2018

With growing popularity of the travel industry, eco-tourism is on the rise and that too for all the right reasons. Some countries are supporting the cause to protect the nature. Want to know more? Read on.
As the technology is advancing, the medium of transportation has been on the rise. The world is getting smaller as even the most isolated places on the earth are no more inaccessible. People want to explore more and more, which takes them to faraway lands. From Arctic to Antarctica, flight, packages and various deals are available on the web. Countries like Australia also offer onlineAustralia ETA to promote sustainable way of tourism.

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This has made Tourism world`s largest industry. In the new light of commercialization, the nature is getting affected by too much interference of humans. Thus to ensure that the pleasure driven out of visiting natural wonders don`t impact the environment, a new travel ethic called ‘Eco Tourism’, has become the new motto.
There are some countries like Australia, Finland and Iceland who have stepped up their efforts to promote environmentally responsible travel to natural landscapes or regions. Ecotourism is sustainable and emphasis on education for locals, conservation, preservation, protection, active participation in the activities that will be beneficial for the nature. So if you are planning to contribute and give something back to nature in return, here is a list of countries that are doing their bit and you must visit them:
1.       ICELAND- The country is breathtakingly beautiful island famous for fjords and has been making great efforts and continues to be one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. The country has strict policies that make the utilization of natural geothermal resources to produce electricity and heat mandatory. It has also braced up to fight ocean pollution and have instilled sustainable fishing practices.
2.       AUSTRALIA- The Aussie land is the new entrant to join the league. With a goal to produce 1/5th of Australia`s energy from wind, solar and geothermal sources by 2020, it has devised many plans to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and its dependence on coal. The country is also an active promotor of ecotourism. You can travel to the country by applying for online Australia ETA and discover more.
3.       FINLAND- To get the title of t greenest country, both the countries remain at the tug of war every year. Their rankings only have the slightest margins. Home to 40 national parks with more than 200,000 reindeer and over 1000 species, the country has continued to fare really well in its commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.
The increase in footfall of travelers to sensitive areas without proper management can harm the ecosystem and local cultures. You can spend your next vacation sustainably in any of these countries. 

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